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or organise one yourself!

Be it family, company or public events, Szalki-sziget is an ideal location.

Due to its location and amenities, it is perfectly suited for housing festivals and concerts. The green area is landscaped and can be separated, providing an excellent place for a few dozen people to throw a grill party, as well as to organise weddings, sports festivals or even complete festivals without the traffic or the noise disturbing the locals.

Upon request, our experienced colleagues provide assistance in organising catering services and additional attractions (air castle, animators, etc.).

Thematic meetings

Due to its location, Szalki-sziget offers an excellent opportunity to hold thematic meetings.

Car fans’ convention, twins’ meeting, bridge fans’ meeting, chess players’ meeting, beauty contest for kids, dog shows… the number of ideas is endless! If you intend to organise any kind of thematic event, we are at your service!


Family events

Szalki-sziget is the perfect spot if you want to hold a family event outdoors. We can accommodate any number of visitors, mega weddings included! Our experienced colleagues offer help with catering solutions, while our camping site provides accommodation for non-local relatives; and if the weather is bad, our event house can host 100-120 people. We are happy to aid in organising any additional programmes as well!

Events for children and adults alike

Szalki-sziget has hosted numerous events during the years, from school excursions through beach football championships to dragon ship competitions. The number of possibilities is endless! The beach, sandy playfields and parkland offer an excellent site for team trainings, company family days, art camps, and thematic events.

We offer a full range of services from accommodation and board to additional programmes.

For concert and festival organisers

Due to its location and amenities, it is perfectly suited for housing festivals and concerts. The event is easily accessible by both local mass transport and car. If necessary, it is easy to isolate the recreational area of the island, and check-in gates can be set up. In recent years, Szalki-sziget hosted Rockmaraton festival, EFOTT, and Éden festival.

Organise your festival here!

Catering for every occasion

A decade’s worth of experience, and extensive infrastructure

Let us handle catering during your company events! Our event house can host 100-120 people, the bar is open every day, which could either complement a grill party or host an illustrious cocktail party. If required, our experienced colleagues will help you put together the menu. Meals are prepared in our kitchen, while our waiters help with serving, be it a smorgasbord or hot meals in several courses.

If you would like to entertain your partners or colleagues at your site, then we can also go to your place. Our company has the necessary equipment to realise high-standard outdoor catering.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do our very best to prove that your trust has not been misplaced!

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